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Sell 100 Book Copies or Make 1k in Sales in the Next 30 Days

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Hi I'm Tahira, I have been an author since 2015 and well known for my signature book, 6-Step Blueprint: How to Write a Book in 30 Days for Faith-Based Authors. I have mastered how to make consistent sells online and receive royalities every single month from Amazon KDP. Now I've packaged everything I know to help other authors of faith to sell more books.

Would you like to learn how to sell 100 book copies or make 1k in sales in the next 30 days? Learn proven strategies and get a marketing plan to make impact and income even if you’re a new author or struggling to make book sales. Market Your Book Bundle for Faith-Based Authors is now available.

I define income as money going into your bank account. The Market Your Book Bundle for Faith-Based Authors is going to help you do just that. Get ready for a cash infusion in the next 30 days.

What's Included

Impact to Income E-Book

33 Marketing Keys for Authors

Proven Strategies to Sell 100 Books

10-Week Launch Plan Checklist

5 Video Trainings Impact to Income Series

3 Amazon Ads Tutorial Videos

Learn How to Increase Profit by 1K

How to Create a Month's Worth of Reels in 1 Hr Video Training

Bonus: 101 Fill-in-the Blank Email Subject Line Templates

Bonus: Email Content Prompts (can also be used for A.I and as topics when Going LIVE on social media)

I think one of the rookie mistakes I made early on in my author career is not investing in marketing. If I could give any new author advice it would be to have a monthly marketing budget. Do not only rely on free or what they call “sweat equity”, treat your book as a business and even if you start with only $100 do make paying to market your book a priority, it’s worth the return on investment. ”

Tahira Neckles

Self-Publishing Consultant

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Save $50 when you pay in full $247 vs. $297 or Payment Plans Get started with $99 and then 2 additional monthly payments or $50 and then 5 additional weekly payments.

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